Pilcrow Foundation Grant

The Windham Free Library is the proud recipient of a Pilcrow Foundation Grant, awarded to rural public libraries across the United States. Through funds raised by “Friends of the Windham Free Library”, a matching grant was awarded by the Pilcrow Foundation. Along with generous donations from Mr. Hal Berenson & Mrs. Laura Ackerman of Colorado, and Drs. Bill Strawbridge and Meg Wallhagen of California, an additional 25 math and science themed books and 17 health and wellness themed books were received, respectively. All told, over 100 new hardcover books have been added to the children’s book holdings at Windham Free Library.

We hope you will come in and see the new books, currently featured in our theme window, our children’s book cart and in our children’s section. Check them out and take them home to read to your children, or to enjoy yourself. You are never too old to enjoy a children’s book!