Explore Our Seed Library!

What is this, you ask?

The Windham Free Library and its patrons are sharing seeds for others to use. Primarily vegetables seeds, but some flower seeds too. A small seed library has been started, and we hope others will consider contributing excess seeds they may have. Whether you purchased more than you need, or you’ve self-cultivated seeds and have extra to spare, we’ll gladly take donations!

A Really Good Read!

Looking for good book to read?  Well, stop on by the library!

Our display window for April features our newest “service” to our patrons.  We have started our “A Really Good Read!” jar.  Staff and patrons are sharing some of their favorite titles for others to read.  They are all books in our library holdings.

Did you just finish a really good book of ours?  Let others know.  Take a minute to fill out a slip and put it in the jar!  Looking for a book to read but can’t decide what to read?  Choose a slip from the jar.  Everything is color coded, so you can choose a genre to suit your interest.


JIG Photo Gallery

It was a rainy Jazz in the Garden 2023– but we did snap a few pictures!

We hope you will enjoy viewing these pictures from the 2022 Jazz in the Garden event!

Photos Courtesy of Barbara McClintock

Windham Book Club

The next meeting of the Windham Book Club will be Monday, April 15, 2024 at 2:30 PM at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Windham Center.  Our book is “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. Copies of the book are available at both Windham Free and Guilford Smith libraries.  All are welcome, no matter where your “home” library is located.


Bibliomation Instructions

To search for any book titles, movies, magazines, including new children’s books or DVDs, please see our catalogue at Bibliomation. When searching Bibliomation for a book, please know that if you do a title search, the title must be word-for-word accurate, or it may not show that we actually have it. If this happens, try instead with a key word search – or simply begin with a key word search. 

If you wish to search our entire collection without looking for a specific title, that can be done as well, through our website link mentioned. For example: if you wanted a list of all available DVDs, or Magazines, or ALL Books (this is how they’re listed) simply follow these instructions.

  1. Leave the first box that says “Search” completely blank
  2. In the next box to the right, where it says “Type” just scroll to Keyword
  3. In the following box to the right, that says “Format” scroll to DVD, (or Magazines, or All Books)
  4. And in the next box that says “Library” please be sure that Windham Free Library is in THAT box.  Then simply press “Search” and give it a few seconds. You’ll be able to see every title we have!

You may also wish to try an author that you’ve never read before. You can either go to our catalogue for a synopsis of these titles, or to Amazon if you like to read the critiques.


For free downloadable e-books or audio books you can go to bibliomation.overdrive.com